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      Managed IT Services For Your Industry

      We support all types of small businesses in the Joliet area. These are just a sample of the IT services we offer to local industries.

       Automotive Sales and Service

      Automotive dealerships have tools and devices that require special configuration. We are familiar with several Dealership Management Systems, such as Autosoft, CDK, or Reynolds & Reynolds, that cater to the needs of the finance, sales, parts, inventory and administration components of running the dealership.

      Full Coverage Wi-Fi

      Your customers and employees demand it – you need Wi-Fi that covers the entire dealership. We specialize in creating secure and reliable networks that reach to the edge of your dealership’s property.

      Security and Auditing

      Each automotive brand has special IT standards that dealerships must follow. We install security equipment, create policies, and audit networks to follow all IT requirements and security frameworks as required.

      Managed IT Services

      Keep all devices on the network updated and secure. Our managed IT services will automatically update IT devices during off-peak hours (especially Sundays when dealerships are closed). No more spending time waiting for updates to install.


      When it comes to healthcare, the security of patient data is paramount. We specialize in information security revolving around HIPAA guidelines and mandates. 

      Information Security and Auditing

      Information needs to be kept secured while both in transit and while being stored on a device. Use our security and auditing services to ensure patient data remains confidential, available, and intact.

      Device Lifecycle Policies

      Both the healthcare and IT fields move fast. We will help create and implement a device lifecycle policy to give healthcare providers the best possible tools to do their job, and follow through to certify the destruction of the devices at the end of life.

      Secure Remote Access

      Provide your employees with secure channels for communicating with the office. We will set up devices to access the company network without compromising on security.

      Restaurants and Taverns

      Don’t let an unreliable network stop you from closing out tabs and checks. We are familiar with industry-standard Point of Sale systems such as Aloha and Toast, and we can help your restaurant with the process from planning all the way to implementation and maintenance.

      Segregated Point of Sale Network

      Increase security by keeping point of sale devices on a separate network, regardless of whether they connect with a cable or through Wi-Fi. We can design and configure a network to ensure sales and charges continue to go through without delay.

      Indoor and Outdoor Sound Systems

      Use a familiar sound system like SONOS to play music throughout your restaurant. You have the flexibility to have different music in separate areas, give only certain employees access, and control it all through a smartphone app. We can even install outdoor speakers for the patio to keep the tunes playing everywhere.


      We are familiar with the special requirements of certain government agencies, such as the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) policy. Maintain compliance through the implementation and auditing of our IT services. 

      Firewall and Information Filtering

      Keep critical information inside your network, and don’t let malware on the outside. We design firewall filtering policies to match your organization’s operating standards and needs. Auditing and reporting features help maintain compliance.

      Secure, Managed Website Hosting

      We utilize secure firewall rules at several different checkpoints to maintain the availability and confidentiality of your public website’s data. Collect information from citizens and constituents via website forms without worrying about data compromise.

      Managed IT for Workstations and Servers

      Keeping IT assets updated and secure is an absolute must for any government organization. With many devices being located outside the network, it can be a daunting task. Our managed IT services allow the implementation of security policies to keep devices updated at all times.


      All Digital Solutions is Joliet's premier managed IT services provider. We offer IT solutions to help your business achieve success through efficiency and compliance. Contact us today to find out how we can address your IT needs.

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